Can I share my books with my spouse?

Why two or more people can't/shouldn't share a single account.

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The books you purchase for PocketBible are licensed to you, personally. You can install PocketBible and the Bibles and books you have purchased on as many devices as you own or control. So for example, you could have PocketBible and books installed on your iPad, your PC and your Android phone. And you can install those books or Bibles on some new device in the future, even if it has not been invented yet.

By "own or control", we mean that you need to be the primary user of any device on which you install PocketBible and which is logged into your Laridian account. It must be the case that two (or more) people cannot be viewing the same book from the same account at the same time on two or more devices. If the phone you "own or control" is normally in the possession of someone else, then they need their own copy of each of the books and Bibles they use in PocketBible.

This isn't just a legal/moral issue. There are risks associated with having two different people logged into the same Laridian account at the same time. Both users will see the other's notes, highlights, bookmarks, and daily reading progress. If each user tries to highlight the same verse, one in blue and one in yellow, and if the yellow highlighter happens to save his or her work later than the blue highlighter, then the verse on the other person's device will suddenly and mysteriously switch from blue to yellow. If one user chooses not to add notes, highlights, and bookmarks, their PocketBible books and Bibles will become cluttered with the other user's data.

When two people who previously shared an account decide to get their own separate accounts, there's not a way to divide up their notes, highlights, and bookmarks. They will stick with whoever has the original account. Books installed while the users were sharing an account could suddenly disappear from the other user's device if they're not purchased in the new account.

In other words, it's best to avoid sharing an account.

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