Download is stalled; books never start or never finish downloading in the Windows Store version of PocketBible.

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We get reports like this from time to time but have never been able to reproduce this behavior in-house so we can't debug it. What we do know is that the request to download the file never makes it to our server. So the problem is happening somewhere on your end. It could be a firewall setting, proxy server, internet filter, router, switch, or any number of other things that is keeping your requests from getting to us.

Here are some suggestions:

Go to Settings in Windows. Go to Privacy, then Background Apps. Make sure “Let apps run in the background” is on. Then scroll down to PocketBible and make sure it is switched on as well.

Now go back to PocketBible and go to the Cloud Library screen. Stop the pending downloads, exit PocketBible, and restart Windows. Launch PocketBible and try downloading a book.

If that doesn't work, try a different WiFi network if that's an option. If you are using WiFi and have the option of a wired connection (or vice-versa), try that. If you know how to disable your antivirus software, try that.

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