What is the difference between PocketBible for Windows Store and PocketBible for Windows Desktop?

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There are two editions of PocketBible that run under Windows: PocketBible for Windows Desktop and PocketBible for Windows Store. These editions are similar, but some of the menus and functionality are a bit different.

Note: We are working on a new version of PocketBible for Windows that will replace both PocketBible for Windows Store and PocketBible for Windows Desktop. Status updates are here: https://LPB.cc/pbwin.

PocketBible for Windows Store is newer and requires Windows 8 or later. It uses a newer style of Windows user interface, where the app commands are hidden until you right-click or request them from the menu button in the upper left corner of the program's window. PocketBible for Windows Desktop is our older version of PocketBible that uses the traditional Windows user interface with File/Edit/View menus across the top of its window, with which you are already familiar if you ever used Windows 7, Vista, XP, or earlier versions of Windows.

PocketBible for Windows Store has limited features when editing notes, and you can only take notes, set bookmarks, and highlight verses if you own the Advanced Feature Set (AFS), which is available for a nominal additional charge. There is no Advanced Feature Set available for PocketBible for Windows Desktop, but it already includes features that require the AFS in the Windows Store version. It actually has more note editing options than the newer version, but they require learning a little bit about HTML.

If you own the AFS for PocketBible for Windows Store, you can choose to sync your notes, highlights, and bookmarks to our server (for backup or transfer to other platforms) automatically. Sync'ing this data is a manual process in PocketBible for Windows Desktop.

PocketBible for Windows Store is available on the Windows Store for free. There's a link to it here: https://www.laridian.com/content/platform_winrt.asp

PocketBible for Windows Desktop is available free at our site. Go here to get it for free: https://www.laridian.com/cart/freepbwin.asp

You can have both of these programs installed at the same time. They are entirely separate programs and don’t see each other’s installed books and Bibles nor any other data belonging to the other version.

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