Bible links are not taking me to the right Bible

Craig Rairdin

Last Update 3 jaar geleden

When you click on a Bible link, PocketBible goes through a process to find a Bible to satisfy the link. This process is slightly different on each PocketBible platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS), but in general it checks in this order:

  1. If the active book is a Bible it will try that first.
  2. A currently visible Bible in any visible pane. If there are several, it will choose the first one it finds.
  3. The preferred Bible, if open in any pane but not visible.
  4. A currently open but not visible Bible in the active pane.
  5. A currently open but not visible Bible in other visible panes.
  6. A currently installed Bible that is not open. It will open in the active pane.

If you have "Sync Bibles/Commentaries" turned on, all your Bibles will go to the selected verse – even those that are not visible on the screen – but one will be selected to activate by following the rules above.

You can control what Bible is chosen by doing one of the following:

  1. Have more than one pane open and have your desired Bible open and active in one of the other panes. If you have many panes open with Bibles in more than one of them, your desired Bible should be in the lowest-numbered pane.
  2. If you only work with one pane, make sure your desired Bible and no other Bible is open in the active pane.

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