I have a suggestion or have found a typo in one of your books.

Tech Support

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Feel free to pass your suggestions along to Tech Support. You can also send suggestions in response to any email from us, including our newsletters and marketing emails.

Tech Support won't be able to comment on whether or not something you suggest is a priority for us or if we're currently working on it. Many times they simply don't know; other times they've been instructed not to discuss it. Regardless, they will route your suggestions directly to our developers, and each one will be read and evaluated.

Errors in Books and Bibles

Send an email to Tech Support clearly identifying the location and nature of the error. Make sure we have enough information to locate the error. Include both the name of the book and the PocketBible abbreviation used for the book.

Tech Support will verify the error and forward it to our editors for correction in a future edition of the book. Sometimes this happens right away, but more often these reports are accumulated so that a number of corrections can be made in one pass.

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