For which platforms has PocketBible been released over the years?

Craig Rairdin

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We have been doing this for a long time now. We've developed or licensed Bible software for platforms you have probably forgotten about.

In the list below, first versions for each major platform are highlighted. There were many variations of Windows CE (Microsoft's first mobile OS) so these are labelled with "Win CE" to make it clear. The first versions were called "PalmBible" before Palm laid claim to the trademark on the word "Palm" and forced everyone to stop using it.

Noah, Simple Bible Pro, and the first versions of MyBible were developed by outside developers and licensed for distribution by Laridian. There was a Web app targeted at iOS before you could create native apps for iOS (there was no "App Store" originally).

Laridian Bible Reader Release History

PalmBible for Handheld PC (Win CE) 11/1998

PalmBible for Palm-Size PC (Win CE) 12/1998

PalmBible for Handheld PC Pro (Win CE) 1/1999

MyBible for Palm OS 10/1999

PocketBible for Pocket PC (Win CE) 4/2000

PocketBible for Windows CE 2 (Win CE) 4/2000

PocketBible for Handheld PC 2000 (Win CE) 8/2000

MyBible 3 for Palm OS 2/2003

MyBible 4 for Palm OS 12/2004

PocketBible for Windows Mobile Smartphone (Win CE) 2/2005

PocketBible 3 for Pocket PC (Win CE) 12/2005

Noah (PocketBible for BlackBerry) 12/2005

PocketBible for Windows Desktop 4/2006

iPocketBible (PocketBible Web App for iOS) 9/2007

PocketBible for Windows Mobile (Win CE) 5/2008

MyBible 5 for Palm OS 10/2008

PocketBible 1 (Native App) for iOS 10/2008

SimpleBible Pro (PocketBible for webOS) 3/2011

PocketBible for Android 6/2011

PocketBible 2 for iOS 9/2011

PocketBible for Windows Store 11/2012

PocketBible for Windows Phone 11/2012

PocketBible 3 for iOS 11/2013

PocketBible for Mac OS 4/2014

PocketBible 4 for iOS 10/2017

PocketBible for Windows — later in 2021

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