Getting started with PocketBible for Android

Downloading and registering PocketBible; downloading and opening books

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Installing the PocketBible App

Download and install the PocketBible app from the Google Play Store. The first time you launch the program you'll be asked to register. If you are an existing customer, register using your existing Laridian Customer ID (or email address) and password so you will be connected to your existing account (and your previously purchased books).

Downloading Books and Bibles

Launch PocketBible. Select the Library button (located in the action bar at the top of the screen; looks like books on a shelf). Select the Cloud tab and you'll be presented with a list of all the Bibles and books you own. Note that simply registering PocketBible entitles you to download dozens of free books and Bibles, so you'll see titles you didn't necessarily purchase. Tap on any title to download the book.

You don't have to download all books. Download what you'd like and you can return to download other titles later.

Once you are done downloading a book or books, you can switch to the Device tab to see the books on your device. Choose one to open it.

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