How do I use books on my Android device that I created with BookBuilder?

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BookBuilder creates an LBK file (Laridian Book) that can be copied to your Android device for use in PocketBible. The way you copy files onto an Android device changes from time to time, so you may have to search the Web for instructions on how to do that. In general you connect your device to your Mac or PC via USB, then copy the LBK from your Mac or PC to your device.

You need to place the LBK file in the correct directory so that PocketBible can find it. To determine the directory PocketBible is using, launch PocketBible, go to Settings, choose Program Settings, then choose Book Installation Location. Make a note of which folders are being used and copy your LBK file to one of those locations.

You'll need to exit PocketBible and re-launch it in order to get it to recognize your newly installed books, but they should show up when you select the Library button at the top of the screen (looks like books on a shelf) then select the Device tab to see books installed on your device.

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