Books are showing up in Autostudy that I do not have installed, or I have books installed that don't show up in Autostudy.

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Last Update 3 jaar geleden

In order to keep track of all your Autostudy preferences, PocketBible has to keep a separate list of books that are available for Autostudy that is independent of the list of books that are installed on your device. Normally, these two lists are kept in sync through the process of installing and removing books with the Library Manager.

It's possible, however — especially if you transfer PocketBible using an iCloud backup or restore PocketBible from an iCloud backup — for these lists to get out of agreement with each other.

The solution is to go to the Settings menu in PocketBible and choose Reset to Factory Defaults. You may have to go through your settings after that and choose the color scheme, font, and other options you had selected before, but in the process of doing this your Autostudy book list will be deleted and rebuilt from the list of books you have installed. They should stay in sync after that.

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