How do I install the Advanced Feature Set (AFS) in PocketBible for iOS?

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Last Update 3 年前

If you purchased the Advanced Features Set Subscription for iOS inside the app, it should install automatically. You should see a message saying it has been installed flash across the screen.

If you purchased at our website, you can open the PocketBible app on your device, tap the Menu button (rightmost button on the toolbar; looks like a stack of horizontal lines) and choose Buy/Apply Advanced Features to have the program request your subscription status from the server. If you are prompted to purchase the AFS at this point, do not do so. You already own it; don't buy it again. Contact us and we'll try to figure out what's going on.

You can verify the AFS is active by selecting About PocketBible in the PocketBible menu. It should specify which feature set is being used.

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