I got a new iPhone or iPad and now I only have the KJV. I lost the rest of my books.

You didn't lose them; you just haven't downloaded them yet.

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Last Update 3 ปีที่แล้ว

When you get a new device, your apps and data are often backed up on your old device then restored onto your new one. PocketBible is restored onto your new device through this process, along with all its settings. Often your notes, highlights, and bookmarks are restored, too.

Unfortunately Apple has a policy that does not let us put your Bibles and books in a folder that gets backed up to iCloud and restored onto your new device. They believe that since these books can easily be restored from your account on our server, there's no need to take up space for them on Apple's servers.

So after you get your new device, run PocketBible and choose the Library icon from the toolbar (first button on the toolbar; looks like books on a shelf). Select the Cloud button at the top of the Library screen and download the books you want on your new device.

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