PocketBible for iOS is unable to access my Cloud Library or sync my notes, highlights, and bookmarks.

I may have changed my password or the email address on my account.

Tech Support

Last Update 3 jaar geleden

PocketBible stores your login credentials so that it can access your account when necessary. If you change your password or the email address on your account, it may no longer be able to log in. 

To provide updated credentials to PocketBible, open the PocketBible menu (last button on the toolbar; looks like a stack of horizontal lines) and select Change Login ID or Password. Enter your new information there. If you get an error message and you’re sure you’re logging in with the correct customer ID or email address, then you’re entering the wrong password. Use the Forgot Password function on that screen to request a password reset link and follow the instructions to change your password to something you can remember.

Once you have successfully logged into your account on the Change Login ID or Password screen, you’ll be able to access your Cloud Library and sync your data.

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