How do I give PocketBible books and Bibles as gifts?

You can give your purchased books to others.

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You can make a gift of any product you order or have ordered at our site or through any of the in-app stores we implement directly (Android, Mac OS, and Windows). You cannot give an item purchased through In-App Purchase on an iOS device to another person. Note that "Your Personalized Bible" is different. See below.

While placing your order, select the checkbox saying that the order contains gift items. After you pay for your order you'll receive an email with instructions on how to provide the recipient of your gift with a link that will allow them to transfer the gifted item to their download account.

If you've already placed the order and didn't check the "gift" box, or if you want to give away a product you already own, log into your account at our site and select My Account from the menu at the top of the page. Look for the link to your Order History. While viewing an order, there is a link at the bottom of the page that allows you to show gift links for all the products in the order.

Copy and paste the gift link into an email to the intended recipient of your gift.

The recipient of your gift needs to be another PocketBible user, of course. It helps if they have already downloaded the app to their computer or mobile device and have registered it so that they have an account with Laridian. All they need to do is follow the gift link you send them, log into their account if they're not already logged in, and accept the gift.

Creating gift links does not change anything in your download account. You can even follow a gift link and it won't affect anything in your account. Someone has to actually select the "Accept" button on the transfer page to move the product from your account to theirs. Specifically, you do not need to ever transfer a product back to your own account just because you accidentally chose the option to view the gift links. Unless you share the link with someone else and they follow the link and accept the gift, the product remains in your account.

Your Personalized Bible is Different

When giving the Personalized Bible as a gift, make the purchase then wait until you receive a notice from us telling you we have completed your customized Bible. Then find the most recent transaction in your order history, which should contain several products — one for each platform we support. Use the gift links from one of those products to transfer all of the products to your recipient so they can download their Personalized Bible on any or all of our supported platforms.

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